make an impression...

Visual beauty... it moves us, it inspires us, it leaves a lasting impression.


I offer creative design solutions that will help your business leave a lasting impression. Specializing in print media solutions, from logos, business cards, posters, brochures, annual reports, magazine and program guide layouts, print advertisements, to displays and signage.


I've been at this a long time, and offer over 20 years of design experience. I have worked with many clients on many different types
of projects, with each one presenting its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for learning growth and problem solving.

Laurie Buxton
Impression Design

Squamish, British Columbia


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Laurie Buxton

Impression Design



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"Her work is easy to understand by the intended audience, clean and professional.  She captures all the little details that take my projects to the next level and that is what I appreciate most about Laurie and her work.  

It's always the last 10%, in my opinion, that take
it from great to amazing and Laurie nails this
every time!!"

Kara Kennedy

Manager of Parks and Recreation,
Woodlands County


"Working with Laurie on a number of projects that ranged from very simple changes, to very complex revisions to a 56 page booklet was a completely smooth and seamless experience.  


In all cases, directions were followed with creativity and precision. Wherever she saw alternative ideas that would improve the project, or if asked for input, Laurie offered up great ideas and solutions."  

Mary Fitl
Destination Development Information Officer, 
Alberta Parks